Monday, March 14, 2011

Fall Winter 2011 Spotlight - 1525 Zebra Tights!

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE WITH OUR 1525 ZEBRA TIGHT!!!! This zebra tight is as authentic as you can get! These tights made of cotton, polyester & spandex are the perfect way to find your inner animal! No animal is more graceful on a safari than the Zebra! Our expert designers were actually able to trace a zebra for this wonderful authentic pattern! Not to mention avoiding a pack of lions! While designing our tight we asked the wild Zebras: "If you could have any other pattern, what would it be?" The answer: Polka Dots!!!!! And in the end we have the perfect tights for animals, animal lovers, and girls that want to have fun!

Warning, steer clear of predator enclosures as these tights may encourage predatory instincts!

**No animals were harmed in the production of our tights. Nor were any animals traced. Exaggerated description is for entertainment purposes only! :)